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We Will Help You With the Event

At Arbor Hall of Dayton, OH, we have been in the event planning business for over 13 years. We can give you all kinds of advice on how to have the best event possible.

We Take the Stress Right Out of Party and Event Planning

Planning an event is a major undertaking that more often than not hinges upon the smallest details. When you plan any event at Arbor Hall, our staff will go through your contract in detail to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with everything before signing your name.

Below you’ll find a list of reminders and helpful hints that you can use to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!

Planning Ahead Is the Best Way to Have a Great Time on the Day of Your Event

  • You must be out of the hall by 1:00am
  • You are not to leave the building unattended at any time
  • When we arrive to unlock for your event, your rental time begins
  • Your rental time ends when we lock the door after you are finished with your clean-up
  • We are a non-smoking facility
  • You may bring in alcohol, but it may not be sold
  • No tape is permitted on the walls
  • All candles are to be enclosed in some type of container
  • No confetti is to be used in the hall
  • No dark dyed punches such as red, purple, green, etc.
  • You are responsible for the clean-up duties specified in your contract
  • Your deposit is refundable, as long as you keep the date of your event, there is no damage to the hall and you clean-up
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